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Working with area rug insurance claims from fire damage, water restoration, mold and mildew damage or any major disaster can be a highly stressful affair. A majority of the time, area rugs are involved in all states of damage and disrepair. An insurance adjuster will require an appraisal, and sometimes the bill of sale is not enough or cannot be found. In many cases the area rugs have been in the family for generations and many times they do not know if they are worth cleaning, repairing, or claiming as a total loss.

Refined Rug Restoration can assist you with your area rug insurance claims. Area rugs are usually one of the first things damaged by fire, water and smoke.

In case of a fire, flood, or any major damage to your area rugs, Refined Rug Restoration can deal with most leading insurance companies.

We provide professional expertise and expert documentation for customers who have had their area rugs damaged. You can submit this documentation to your insurance companies for compensation.

Our insurance claim evaluation form allows you to understand the replacement value of your rug, the problem itself, varies solutions, and a complete report of the damage.

We pride ourselves in our exquisite quality, attention to detail and customer care, and although we have never had claims filed against us, we area fully insured, protected and bonded to service all your area rug insurance claims.