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With over a decade of hands-on experience cleaning every kind of Persian area rug, our experts are more than prepared, and able, to care for your beautiful piece. Our artisans have experience with Persian area rugs dating back hundreds of years, and have successfully cleaned even the most delicate of Persian area rugs. Our professionals know that Persian area rugs are fragile, and are often times a meaningful timepiece that has been passed down for generations, and should be treated as such. With that being said, we make sure to treat each rug as if it were our own, delicately handling it throughout the entire cleaning process.

At Refined Rug Restoration, we have a full-service, in-house rug washing facility where our professionals are there every step of the way to make sure the cleaning process is done thoroughly and correctly. Upon first inspection of every rug, we formulate an individual cleaning process for each rug that is sure to care for it’s unique fibers and dyes while also tending to each and every stain or spill. From there, the same one or two technicians (depending on the size of the rug) will see your area rug throughout the entire cleaning process. This allows us to be sure each rug is getting the proper treatment.

It is important that a Persian area rug is properly cleaned, as without the proper techniques and tools, damage can be done. When incorrectly cared for, Persian area rugs can be damaged. For example, when improperly cleaned, Persian area rugs are known to bleed and/or experience pile distortion. There is no need to worry as our cleaning professionals will ensure that in our care, the rug’s colors will not bleed into each other. Our experts never use hot water when it comes to cleaning Persian area rugs as this is one of the main contributing factors in color bleeding. Instead, we use cold water and a combination of gentle pH-balanced shampoos and fiber conditioners. Additionally, we make sure to set the pile prior to drying the Persian rug in our temperature-controlled drying room, so as to make sure that the fibers within the rug dry correctly.

In addition to making sure the cleaning process is done correctly, we pride ourselves on the thorough job we do when it comes to cleaning Persian area rugs. Our experts are the very best at removing spots, spills and stains from your area rugs. Not only are we able to remove the most difficult spots and stains, but we do so while making sure to never harm the rug’s individual fibers or dyes. Each hand-knotted Persian area rug is unique and treated as such.

With an abundance of industry and hands-on experience, you can rest assured knowing that the very same professionals that have been treating Persian rugs at our facility for over a decade, will be the same individuals caring for and watching over, your meaningful area rug(s). With plenty of experience, and the necessary state-of-the-art equipment, your Persian area rug will get the proper, and delicate treatment it needs.  For more information, please contact us today.



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