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Within the past decade, the need for rug repair and restoration continues to increase among the Southern California area. Originally, Refined Rug Restoration operated solely as a professional rug cleaning facility, however after years of watching our customers bring in their damaged rugs, we felt we could help. Often we found that although our customers’ rugs had experienced a lot of wear and tear, our customers were so attached to their rugs, they couldn’t seem to part ways with them. And while the rugs had endured wear and tear, much, if not all, of the noticeable damage was easily repairable — they just didn’t have anyone to repair them. Knowing we could help, we decided to expand into the world of rug restoration. Today, we have a fully dedicated restoration department where we bring our customers rugs back to life.

Not only does restoring your area rug bring it back to life, but it also gives it an extended life span. By tending to, and repairing, the worn area(s), you are protecting the specific area(s) from further damage, while also protecting the surrounding areas from succumbing to the wear and tear as well.

It is important to note that while restoring a rug can make a vast difference in the rug’s appearance and life span, it is vital that the repair is done correctly, and professionally. At Refined Rug Restoration, we have spent over a decade caring for rugs from all over the globe. Each of our artisans possesses the necessary knowledge, and experience, to restore even the most valuable, or antique, of area rugs.

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Professional Rug Restoration


Repairing an area rug is just an element of rug restoration. With “rug restoration,” the objective is to bring the area rug back to its original condition. Since many handmade area rugs are designed to last for generations to come — and if properly cared for, will increase in value — rug restoration can often be a worthy investment. Ironically, in many cases, age works to a rugs benefit. Not only will the rug appreciate in value, but many times ordinary wear and tear can age the wool in a way that creates a lovely sheen, or perfect amount of “fading.” With that being said, a simple repair to protect your rug from deterioration, combined with the naturally aged features, can result in a very beautiful, and valuable piece.

Proper and professional rug restoration requires that similar, if not the exact same, materials, used to create the rug, are are utilized to restore it. This is an important element of the process, as without the correct materials, the repaired area will look or feel different than the rest of the rug. The materials used must be of the correct age and sort, and possess similar dyes and fibers. At Refined Rug Restoration we have a vast yarn “library” filled with yarn of all ages and hues.

It’s important to note that while our artisans might be able to repair the rug, it may not be a wise investment on the customer’s end. Sometimes the cost to repair the rug can be more than the value of the rug. In order to ensure our customers that restoring their rug would be a worthy investment, we inspect each individual rug upon arrival, and provide every customer with an accurate valuation of their rug. If an area rug is not repairable, or if the cost of the repair would be more than the rug is worth, we promise to always be upfront about this before any further steps are taken.

We pride ourselves on our skills and experience, as well as our strong customer relationships. Our customers can rest easy knowing we are honest and trustworthy, and that their rugs are in the very best hands.



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