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Area Rugs can include a complex and one of a kind interest to any home, however simply like conventional carpet, your rug can take abuse from steady pedestrian activity, spills, dirt, and pet stains.

You may have a continuing drive to handle the employment yourself, however doing as such can prompt to extreme harm of your area rug, either in light of the fact that you scour too hard, utilize the wrong cleaning arrangement and utensils, or do not have the information and mastery with washing area rugs.

Refined Rug Restoration has been cleaning area rugs in Irvine and the encompassing Orange County area for more than 12 years now. With a staff of experienced experts and a best in class rug cleaning facility situated in Fountain Valley, Refined Rug Restoration gives the best rug cleaning strategies for your area rugs, to guarantee the wellbeing of your rug and your definitive fulfillment.

Professional Rug Cleaning Irvine,

The Refined Rug Restoration Way…

We utilize a 7 stage rug cleaning process, and in addition numerous times of involvement and learning, to guarantee that your speculation is legitimately and professionally cleaned.

Periodically unpracticed area rug cleaning administration organizations in Irvine and the encompassing Orange County area can demolish area rugs by not using the correct strategies and techniques.

At Refined Rug Restoration, we adopt an alternate strategy to rug washing. We apply old world methods together with cutting edge gear to accomplish the most astounding outcomes and client satisfaction. When handling your area rug for a rug wash, there is a procedure in which we take to professionally give your area rug a glossy and cleaner look that upgrades the general lifetime and venture of your area rugs.

Our Process

Here is how we gently enliven your area rug:

Pre-Inspection – Prior to do any washing, our trained Irvine Rug Cleaners will conduct a careful inspection to determine the proper cleaning methods to be taken based upon the fibers or material that your rug is made of. Next, we examine the condition of your area rug by inspecting worn areas, deeply embedded dirt, and other special needs such as repair or a full scale restorations.

Pre-Washing/Dusting – First, using a commercial vacuum, we pick up large particles and dust. Then, by using highly compressed air, we thoroughly remove all dust particles and debris from your rug. If these micro particles are not removed, they can eventually wear away at the fibers in your area rug.

First Stage Wash – Water saturation will remove dirt, soil, and spotting. We pay close attention to the backing and fringes of your rug so that every fiber receives a deep washing.

Second Stage Wash – Our competitors tend to use a method that involves steam-cleaning extraction which leaves your area rug with high amounts of soap residue that will attract dirt 10 times quicker. This method may shrink and damage area rug fibers.

Our Irvine Rug Cleaners will guarantee that your rug is completely safe from color exchanges and will expel all dirt from your area rug. We apply a shading balancing out specialist to your rug to ensure all dyes are steady before the rug washing starts. At that point we apply a delicate cleanser to separate all the oil and dirt in your area rug.

At this time we will take care of any spots and stains in your area rug. If your rug has pet odors or pet stains we will treat these as well. We then rinse away all shampoos and cleaning agents from your rug.

Grooming and Drying – We groom every area rug by combing the pile and the fringes in the proper direction, then hang dry your rug in our climate controlled on-site facility.

Keeping in mind your area rugs needs, we evaluate the level of heat, airflow, and temperature specifically needed for each area rug.

Fragrance Scenting – A light fragrance is applied to further sanitize and freshen the room in which it resides.

Final Inspection – When taking a final review we will ensure that the area rug has been air cleaned to its full potential or we will take the necessary steps to work through our entire process all over again.

Why Choose Refined Rug Restoration as your Irvine Rug Cleaner?

Refined Rug Restoration, Irvine’s premier provider of professional rug cleaning and repair services, is your one stop shop for all your rug washing and restoration needs, servicing Irvine and the surrounding areas of Orange County.

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