Choose the Perfect Rug For Any Space

Making the Best Rug Selection for Any Space in your Home

Modern materials and manufacturing techniques have given rugs an incredible opportunity to become the preferred choice of floor covering among homeowners. The modern technology used in producing luxury vinyl flooring has made faux hardwood floors an affordable alternative for homeowners. Furthermore, an assortment of natural stone floor coverings continue to influence the market as well. These hard surfaces provide an opportunity to improve any living space by using area rugs

Room Size and Layout: Prescription to the Perfect Area Rug

Choose the Perfect Rug For Any Space
Choosing the perfect rug for your space has everything to do with the size of the room and the layout of the furniture. The purchase of a Rug has two aspects that prohibit impulsive shopping: They cost a bit more than your average decorative improvement, and you usually tend to keep them around a bit longer than the drapes or the couch cushions you bought a few months back.

Here are a few typical dimensions from which to choose an area rug:

Choose the Perfect Rug For Any Space

Standard Size Rugs: of 4’ X 6’ or 5’ X 7’ Area Rugs
Large Size Rugs: 6’ X 9’ Area Rugs
Extra Large Rug Sizes: of 8’ X 10’ and 9’ X 12 ’Area Rugs
Runners are usually 2’ X 8’ Area Rugs

Custom rugs are always an alternative option if your layout does not work with these common rug sizes. Before making your decision, it helps to know the true purpose of the area rug and the space you will be laying it out on.

How Will Your Rug Impact Its Space?

Choose the Perfect Rug For Any Space

Consider the following:

  • Do you want to make a statement or simply find an area rug that seamlessly blends into the space?
  • Are you designating an area or unifying the room?

Whether the dining area is characterized by a rectangular, square or round table, the area rug used under the table and chairs should be sufficient enough to keep the chairs from falling off the edge when pulled out. An ideal standard measure is to allow 20-inches from the back legs when the chairs are pushed back under the table.

Align the area rug to the room as you want to use it to extend the space rather than make it appear smaller or broken into small areas. Consistency creates balance and helps you decide if all the furniture legs will be on or off the rug. A larger couch for example, may be offset to work with the rug size to define the rooms area.

On the other hand, rugs in bedrooms often depend on the size of the room, where the bed is aligned and overall dimensions of the room itself.

Furniture lining the perimeter of a room rarely needs to touch the rug and allows more flexibility in your choice of size and shape.

For all other area rug tips, cleaning questions or design ideas, be sure to visit:

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