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What Rug Material Is Best For Your Home?

Knowing what rug material would best fit your home and lifestyle, is vital when selecting a new area rug. It’s fundamental to take into account how the space will be utilized. Will it get a lot of foot traffic? Will pets ever be in the room? These are just a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself before you make a purchase.

Take a look at our smart manual of the most commonly used materials for area rugs. While reading, make sure to take into account both the upsides, and the drawbacks, of each.

Wool Area Rugs 

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Prized for its robustness and sensitivity, the most commonly utilized area rug material is wool.

Why do treasure wool area rugs so much? Well, for one they are strong. These rugs are extraordinary stain and water repellers, and tend to maintain their security over time — a.k.a. if properly cared for, they are less likely to fall apart

Things to consider: They do not perform well in saturated places as they will develop a sticky quality to them over time.

Best In: Bedrooms, relaxing areas like a family room or living room, and high-development regions


Silk Area Rugs

Silk Area Rug | Orange County Rug Cleaners | Rug Cleaning Orange County

Known for their signature sparkle, silk rugs are adored for their fragile quality and unassuming sheen.

Why do we treasure silk area rugs? These rugs are extremely fragile. While the silk within the construction makes these rugs delicate, it is also responsible for the beautiful shine and lavish feel.

Things to consider: Requires professional and delicate cleaning, and can often demonstrate impressions.

Best In: Bedrooms or spaces that won’t receive a lot of foot traffic.


Cotton Area Rugs


This fiber is used every once in a while to make level weave rugs such as Dhurries and Kilims.

Why do we love cotton area rugs? Generally speaking, these rugs tend to be more sensible than wool or silk as they are quite easy to clean.

Things to consider: Stains easily, potential for color bleeding and the rugs brown out when wet.

Best In: Low traffic areas, areas where food and beverages are not consumed


Sisal, Jute, Sea Grass Area Rugs


The solid, basic grasses and diverse fibers create rugs with healthy palettes and rich surfaces, making them fit well in virtually any space.

Why do we love sisal, jute, and ocean grass area rugs? These rugs are very strong, renewable, and normally free from compound handling.

Things to consider: These rugs can be coarse and difficult to clean.

Best In: Bedrooms, low traffic areas and sunny spaces


Synthetic Area Rugs

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These rugs are made of man-made fibers such as thick nylon, and polypropylene. Over time these fibers have been upgraded to imitate the characteristics of ordinary fibers.

Why do we love synthetic area rugs? These rugs are easy to clean and can be used in areas that may get wet (such as the entryway near a door to the front or backyard). Many of these rugs also can be used outside.

Things to consider: Not always the softest or most comfortable of rugs.

Best in: Hallways, rooms with high traffic, and sunny spaces




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